Official Launch of Singapore Innovation & Productivity Institute

30 October 2012 – The Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute was officially launched in conjunction with the Singapore Innovation & Productivity Conference 2012.

Graced by Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry & National Development, Mr Lee Yi Shyan together with SMF President, Mr George Huang, Deputy President, Mr Michael Chin, Chairman for SiPi Board of Advisors, Mr Valerio Nannini, Deputy CE for SPRING, Mr Tan Kai Hoe triggered the launch mechanism, unveiling the SiPi logo to a hearty audience of 250 at the conference.

In Mr Lee’s speech, he shared that “SiPi functions as a one-stop shop for companies wishing to seek productivity assistance and advice. It will help enterprises implement their specific productivity roadmaps and to undertake research to develop tools and localise best practices. I urge all companies and agencies to work with SiPi to help boost the efforts of SMEs in their productivity and innovation journeys.”

He recognised that local manufacturing companies have progressed with time, with more companies infusing innovation and technology in their businesses. However, he highlighted it was more important to have mass transformation to reach the national productivity target growth of 2 to 3 per cent per year over the next 10 years.

SiPi has a wide spectrum of innovation and productivity offerings for SME manufacturers; leveraging on knowledge implementation, generation, dissemination and repository.

5 VIPs on StageSingapore Innovation & Productivity Conference 2012

30 October 2012 – “Innovation: Reaching New Frontiers of Productivity” was the theme of the third edition of the Singapore Innovation & Productivity Conference, a signature conference by Singapore Manufacturing Federation since the call for national productivity movement in 2010.

This year’s conference featured some top-notch speakers from the innovation field, with their generous sharing of on innovation-led productivity and the various ways to embark and sustain productivity. Speakers include Peter Koen, Associate Professor from Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management; David Conner, Former CEO of OCBC; Yoshihiro Ishida, Chief Consultant, Operation Design Division, JMA Consultants Inc; David Wilkins, Partner, DPI Singapore; Viktor Cheng, Deputy Chief Executive, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)  and Rainer Krause, Managing Director, ELO APAC.

The afternoon session also saw a breakout of 3 fire-starter learning themes from different levels, role-based, process-based, technology-based, where participants explored either one of the three topics, Open Innovation, Systems Engineering for Productivity, and Total Risk Assessment Tools for Better management of supply chain.


Prof Tang
Group AwardeeAt the conference, a total of 11 companies were also honored as part of WDA-SMF Productivity and Innovation Awards 2012 for their efforts in embarking on productivity projects through training programmes such as WSQ CPI Mgr and SME QIANG.



The conference also showcased more than 20 exhibition booths at its Hall of Innovation & Solutions Exhibition, where academic institutes’ Centres of Innovation and solutions providers exhibited their commercial offerings to boost enterprise productivity. Top three winners and best SMEs of the WDA-SMF Productivity and Innovation Awards 2012 also showcased their projects at the exhibition.

SIPC 2012 organisers would like to thank all supporters and sponsors for their generous support in making this successful event possible.