Singapore Manufacturing: Is Cell Design for High-Mix Low-Volume Centric Assembly Applicable?

This research paper examines the various models adopted by our small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises and how effective is the design of cells in high-mix low-volume assembly environments. It briefly introduces the process of cell design, the elements of this design process and how essential from a Lean manufacturing standpoint that would surface a list of challenges faced in making those elements work in a high-mix low-volume assembly environment. This paper is based on the assembly of mid to small-sized production units that are moved from one location to another with the assembly work being done standing as opposed to bench assembly of smaller parts.

Survey Question:
Would Cell Design for your HMLV production environment be effective?
(2011 / 2012 Survey of 50 SMEs)

YES 21%
NO 47%

View the research paperĀ HMLV-Cell-Design.