Project Definition/Charter is a statement of the scope, objectives and participants in a project. In Six Sigma Process, Project Definition/Charter is the critical phase of the DMAICmethodology.

A properly defined Lean Six Sigma project should have the following key elements clearly defined in the Project Definition/Charter:

1. Problem Statement
2. Project Objective(s)
3. Project Metric(s)
4. Project Benefits
5. Project Scope
6. Project Schedule
7. Project Team

This will provide:

1. Good project visibility
2. Clarifies problem, expected objectives & benefits, realistic scope of work & milestones
3. Ensures alignment of team efforts & management buy-in

Well defined project provides high success rate for team to complete work & achieve targeted results whereas poorly defined project shown to create confusion, delays, roadblocks, frustration and low success rate of completing project.

Click here to gain access to the Project Charter Tool Excel Template  with export capability to MS powerpoint presentation.