The Singapore Innovation & Productivity Institute (SiPi), the latest centre of excellence of the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) and IBM Singapore jointly present the ‘Value Chain Visibility Workshop’ programme to help companies craft out a holistic strategy to address Value Chain visibility challenges.

Value Chain Visibility integrates and synchronises demand, supply and logistics to optimize your business performance.

In this new age of the customer, it is essential to understand the motivations of each individual purchaser. How do you build your capabilities to predict, not react to – customers’ needs and preferences. It’s going to take a better system of doing business – Smarter Commerce. However, Smarter Commerce requires high visibility into your company’s Value Chain. How do you achieve it?

With Value Chain Visibility, you can progress towards Smarter Commerce. For instance, good visibility into supplier inventory will reduce chances of stock outs, late shipments, quality issues and more; hence reducing waste and costs.

Key benefits of gaining Value Chain Visibility:
– Increased Revenue (market insights analytics, enhanced customer service)
– Increased Flexibility (enhanced decision making)
– Faster response to constant market changes
– Cost Efficiencies
– Decreased Risk through reliable information.

Value Chain Visibility Workshop
This workshop aims to help companies find, foster and focus your resources to drive this strategic transformation. Three key components are covered:
– Sharing of thought leadership discussion on Value Chain Visibility
– Create understanding of current supply chain visibility issues
– Determine a high level Visibility Gap Analysis

Value Chain Visibility workshops are highly engaging, dynamic, and collaborative. In a typical workshop, you will work together with both IBM Supply Chain experts and SiPi Lean Six Sigma mentors over one day to identify and analyse your Visibility issues and help you realise your Value Chain Visibility strategies.

For more information, click here to download Value_Chain_Visibility_Workshop_Brochure