Industrial rents are a major component of a company’s rising costs. We recognise that companies are increasingly concerned on their optimisation of space and its returns on investments, be it for space for production or warehousing. Our advisory and consultancy experience with SMEs proves that there is definitely ‘room’ for improvement, and SMEs need to better understand their processes and needs in order to better manage their rented space.

To tackle land/ space utilisation problems, our in-house coaches begin with a Gemba walk around the shop floor to better understand company’s processes, spatial issues, considerations and opportunities for better optimisation. Some of these problems may require plant re-layout, visual control management, shelving and storage solutions, and more.

Apart from rental cost savings, space optimisation may also bring the following benefits:

  • Operational improvement, i.e. workflow improvement and production visibility, operational waste reduction such as motion or transportation waste, effective and efficient inventory management etc
  • Better management of equipment, taking into consideration maintenance access, changing or installation of mould/die
  • Safer workplace, taking into consideration hazardous operations, accident prevention, better housekeeping facilities, decongestion of work stations for wider access, ergonomics for production workers etc.
  • Freed-up space for more production capacity or other purposes, e.g. accommodate a new production line, extension of office space, additional space for receiving and dispatching area etc.

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     Our Consultants

Dr Michael Teng
Dr Michael Teng has spent 30 years in the manufacturing industry of which he was a CEO for MNCs and SMEs responsible for the Asia Pacific region for 20 years. He was in the oil and gas, fire protection, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. He is a certified Practising Management Consultant and Professional Engineer (Singapore). He is also a Fellow Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (UK). Dr Teng is a best-selling author and authored 27 books relating to innovation and productivity.
Mr Chang Phuan Heng
Trained & certified Lean Six Sigma Black-Belt and also a certified
Practising Management Consultant. He has work more than 20 years in the aerospace avionics industry. His leadership responsibility encompasses; supply chain, procurement & purchasing, inventory and logistics, manufacturing, quality assurance, health safety environment & facilities, contract manufacturing, project rationalization management and continuous improvement & productivity office. His most recent engagement/areas of expertise before joining SMF-SiPi includes project consultancy in banking services and operational excellence i.e. lean six sigma deployment programs and productivity.
Mr Christopher Ang
Christopher holds a Master of Technology Management from Griffith University. He is a Certified Practising Management Consultant (PMC), WDA DACE Certified Adult Educator, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) and Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Christopher brings with him more than 20 years of cross functional leadership roles and experience in Quality, Lean Initiatives and Process Improvement, Planning & Inventory Control, Commodity Management, Regional Product Marketing, Learning & Development, Training Need Analysis and Performance Management.
Mr Chan Kai Cheong
Certified Six Sigma Associate MBB. He has 25 years of experiences in manufacturing industry, mechanical and electronics process works where he held senior positions in multinational corporations. He was involved in project coordination, new process implementation, Facilities maintenance and management. In SMF for 2 years and had since completed 30 over MNC & SME companies productivity projects in the non traditional manufacturing sector like Services Industry, Products Manufacturing, Logistics industry, Food manufacturers, Hotel, F & B and Cleaning Industry.
Mr Koh Chee Beng
Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. He has 26 years of experiences in manufacturing industry, disk drive and electronics  manufacturing where he held Managerial positions in multinational corporations.  He was involved in Process Engineering, Quality Assurance, Supplier Quality Engineering, Contamination Control in Clean room facility. In SMF for 2 years and had since completed 25 over MNC & SME companies productivity projects in the non traditional manufacturing sector like Services Industry, Products Manufacturing, Logistics industry, Food manufacturers, F & B, Hotel  and Cleaning Industry.
Mr Siew Ying Choy
Certified Six Sigma Associate MBB. He has over 20 years of experience in the Printed Circuit Board Assembly operation of the Disk Drive industry. His main areas of expertise include test hardware design, automation, project management, process optimization, product quality improvement, cost reduction, productivity improvement & training.
Mr Winston Kum Seng Chye
Attained Lean Pilot in Lean Manufacturing certified by Seagate Technology Industrial, Toyota Production System (TPS), Kaizen Program and Lean Production Systems conducted by Asia Productivity Organization (APO) in Japan. He has about 20 years of manufacturing experience.


“The consultants are very experienced in operations and gave valuable feedback and good recommendations for improvement”
Mr William Teo
Director, System Technic Engineering Pte Ltd

“The consultants are very experienced in production and logistics and gave valuable feedback and made good suggestions on areas to look at for productivity improvements.”
Mr Eugene Tse
Executive Director, Serrano Investment Holdings Pte Ltd