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A pragmatic Process ImprovementFramework specially customized for the Small & Medium Enterprises or SMEs. It is a light & powerful methodology from SiPi. This framework can be used as a standard process improvement & problem solving model within an organisation.

“An 8-STEPS Process Improvement Framework + A3 Project Executive Summary”

It is all about customizing a LITE version of Process Improvement Framework (PIF) for your organisation and to coach & equip employees with right skill-sets to work on various productivity improvement projects.

KAIZENPlus Implementation Framework
Our 8-STEPS Process improvement Framework is a series of actions which an organization undertakes to increase the productivity and improve capability of their employees’ skill-sets to identify, analyze and improve existing business and / or operational processes to meet new goals and objectives such as reducing defects, improve throughput yields, reducing costs and accelerating delivery performance to achieve customer satisfaction.  These actions often follow an 8-STEPS process improvement framework which aligns to DMAIC methodology to increase its effectiveness.  The 8-STEPS Process Improvement Framework (refer to diagram) addresses the following questions.  With the help of SiPi’s consultant, companies’ management, staff & employees will be trained to utilize such framework.
  1. Define – What is important? Identify opportunities & scope of project issues.
  2. Measure – How we’re doing? Establish baseline performance, analyze current process & develop the desired outcome.
  3. Analyze – What is wrong? Identify root causes & propose solution.
  4. Improve – Fixing what is wrong; Prioritize, Plan, Test & Refine proposed solutions for implementation.
  5. Control – To pledge for performance; to measure progress & hold gains and to acknowledge project team performance, share & communicate results.
A3 Project Executive Summary
In-addition, an A3 Project Executive Summary is a project monitoring tool; it will also be shared with companies who’re willing to engage & introduce SiPi’s
8-STEPS Process Improvement Framework as part of their productivity roadmap. The A3 project executive summary will help management, staff & employees to monitor the progress of respective productivity improvement projects within their organization.

Companies can look forward to a customized 8-STEPS  Process Improvement Framework (PIF) solution.  Typical deliverables from a complete engagement from SiPi may include a day of coaching for any number of participants within the organization; staff & employees will be trained to use the standard framework to work on their projects; and they will become proficient in delivering an A3-Reporting format for management review.

**Companies who utilize the standard framework to drive productivity may likely to expect sustainable productivity gain
**Company is accountable for its own productivity gain.

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