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A powerful KAIZENPlus productivity methodology from Singapore Innovation & Productivity Institute…!

‘It is all about customizing an effective & rapid productivity program for your organisation using the KAIZENPlus with project coaching approach for your teams through the implementation..’

KAIZENPlus Implementation Framework
combined with gemba walk diagnostics is a great & rapid way to unveil the weakest links in a company’s process, uncovering key process wastes and variation. It is rapid ‘learn & do’approach to continuous improvement whereby teams learn a concept and then go out and apply it.

This leads to the establishment of customized improvement productivity strategy, where-in critical kaizen projects are implemented for productivity improvement. SiPi coach is on the ground to help your organization through this process via its gemba walk diagnostics and kaizen coaching support in driving productivity for its long-term sustainable gain.

A SiPi productivity coach/facilitator starts with the gemba walk, a powerful kaizen plusmethodology that widely deployed to discover wastes through a rigorous process observation and interrogation, eventually generating gemba diagnostic radar-chart report. The report highlights key areas that should be addressed & improved for impactful productivity gains and the consequent expected business benefits to the company.
In this next stage, the customised kaizen technique is done by the SiPi productivity coach/facilitator to identify key focus areas for improvement.  Key productivity tools & techniques, where applicable basic quality and lean six sigma tools required in carrying out improvement projects in the key areas that are planned for transfer to Kaizen teams through series of project based coaching workshops.
The SiPi productivity coach/facilitator next sets up and guides project teams to scope improvement projects from the focus areas and coach them to implement the projects with the Kaizen methodology.     An incremental improvement Kaizen project typically takes about 1 month, whereas major kaizen projects would take 2 to 3 months to complete, with a target of 5 per-cent productivity gains and financial impact of minimum $10k, depending on the nature and depth of improvement.

In addition, while project coaching is being undertaken with the project teams, the SiPi productivity coach/facilitator works with functional leaders to set up a kaizen implementation framework that re-aligns management practices to sustain long-term gains. Key management systems introduced or enhanced are the project identification process, project tracking system, organization of productivity roles and metrics, and the incentive system. The desired outcome is the ability of the company to constantly define new impactful projects for execution by kaizen project members, motivated by an improvement incentive scheme and clear acceptance of the productivity roles and performance metrics that they are tasked to fulfil.

Companies which work with SiPi can look forward to a customized kaizen solutions that are integrated, ROI-focused and guidance-intensive.

The gemba diagnostics, KAIZENPlus methodology and project based coaching support typically takes between 1 to 3 months to complete depending on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the scope and intensity that the company wants to undertake.

Typical deliverables from a complete engagement include a Lean diagnostic report, 2 impactful kaizen projects completed each with about 5 percent productivity gain and a minimum of $10k financial benefits, and a kaizen implementation framework set up to sustain gains.

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