SiPi constantly strives to engage the manufacturing and related industries in outreach programmes to enhance the industry’s level of awareness, interests and implementation initiatives in manufacturing and business excellence. SiPi works closely with the industry to scope their knowledge needs and endeavors to connect with field experts, knowledge institutions, technology and solutions provider, and centres of innovation to help companies keep abreast of the latest methodologies and technologies development.

SiPi’s outreach objectives are:

  • To raise awareness; to accelerate and catalyse the adoption of innovation and productivity improvements techniques, tools and best practices
  • To build a community of industry stakeholders especially SMEs and strengthen this community engagement for
    • To gather feedback to improve existing programmes;
    • To foster the self-generating spirit of cross-learning/sharing from one another
  • To provide focused and effective outreach activities for the underserved manufacturers and other stakeholders in the ecosystem
  • To develop and implement effective outreach strategies to better serve the manufacturing industries that are lagging in productivity, and lacking the resources to stay connected to the industry in terms of learning opportunities
  • Bridge and facilitate communication and support for manufacturing industries through collaboration with stakeholders in the eco-system

SiPi endeavours to deliver primarily three types of outreach and showcase programmes:

  • New learning, i.e. awareness and interest generation through conferences and joint industry seminars to achieve greater scale of outreach
  • Enhanced learning, i.e. adoption and implementation through programme/project/industry/best practice/ functional role-specific activities
  • Cross-learning with eco-system stakeholders locally or overseas through think-tank dialogues and study tours