24 April 2013 – A 15-strong delegation led by mission leader Ms. Jeanette T Damo, Director from The Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) in Philippines, visited Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute (SiPi) – the latest Centre of Excellence in Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF). The delegation comprised of officials from DOLE, Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board, and SME business leaders in Philippines who were keen to explore and exchange ideas with SMF SiPi to improve business conditions in Philippines through raising industry productivity.

Dr. Michael Teng, Assistant Secretary-General of SMF, and Dr. Vincent Wee, Director of SiPi, welcomed the delegation with an introduction of the services of the Federation and its Centres of Excellence.

The delegates were then presented with SiPi’s ‘4K’ strategies and programmes, and SMF’s Capacity and Capability Development Programme (CCDP), where both programmes were described as “vital engagement with the manufacturing community in Singapore”.

(From L-R) Senior SiPi team, Dr. Vincent Wee, Dr. Michael Teng, Ms. Jeanette Damo and the Philippines delegates had an insightful sharing session, learning best practices from each other to further tackle challenges and improve both countries’ industries and SMEs.

The dialogue covered various topics on both industry and enterprise levels, including the current challenges faced by SMEs in Philippines and Singapore, and means for stronger industry adoption of improvement programmes.

In particular, the group discussed how training for the SME sector can be further enhanced through integration of concepts, tools, frameworks and Train-the-Trainer initiatives for sustainability. Examples of how the reward systems in companies in Singapore were portrayed as case studies.

SiPi shared some comprehensive examples on how companies’ cultures and business processes improved gradually with productivity coaching projects. The session also briefly covered how SiPi had helped companies to strengthen the problem-solving capabilities of their workforce and their alignment to the company’s goals in innovation and productivity.

The Philippines delegates were impressed with the many government and industry initiatives made available to local SMEs. Ms. Leila H. Garlit, Vice President from Green Light Power, Inc., commented that “I am amazed and overwhelmed. We envy SMEs in Singapore because we do not get such support of our government back here.” Dr. Michael Teng responded by suggesting that the delegates could send representatives to SMF for more dialogues to further training and collaboration efforts between the two countries.

At the end of the meeting, a token of friendship commemorating the event was presented to the delegation leader by Dr. Michael Teng. The day ended with a tea reception and a tour around Singapore Manufacturing Federation.

5 VIPs on Stage

Mr. Chang Phuan Heng, Senior Manager of SiPi, bringing the Philippines delegates on an interactive tour around the SMF building.