Toyota Motor Corporation is famed for its ability to relentlessly improve operational performance.  Central to this ability is the training of engineers, supervisors and managers in a structured problem-solving approach that uses a tool called the A3 Problem-Solving Report.  The term “A3” derives from the paper size used for the report. Toyota actually uses several styles of A3 reports–for solving problems, for reporting project status, and for proposing policy changes–each having its own “storyline.”

We have adapted the approach by articulating the 8 steps A3 process from problem identification to resolution & follow up. The problem solver records all the 8 steps in a concise, one-page A3 size Project Executive Summary document which include :

1. Background
2. Form team and scope project
3. Current situation
4. Goals/Targets
5. Analysis
6. Counter measure
7. Hold gain
8. Follow up

The A3 Process helps people engage in collaborative, in-depth problem-solving. It drives problem-solvers to address the root causes of problems which surface in day-to-day work routines.

To learn more about this powerful problem-solving methodology, click to gain access to A3 Project Executive Summary template for a quick “click and use” mode to start using the powerful A3 process.